Lilia Stepanova is Just Too Bad!

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Lilia Stepanova is Just Too Bad!


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Lilia Stepanova (born 1987 in Moldova) is a contortionist. She was born in Moldova to parents who were contortionists. At the age of five, her mom started to train and practice with her, giving her the talent on contortionism. She is very well known for performing at many NBA halftime shows. She is also very well known for her talent to do archery with her feet while on hand-balancing canes. Performances: She has appeared as a guest artist on shows including: "America's Got Talent" "The View" "Jimmy Kimmel Live" "Steve Harvey's Big Time" She has also been in a commerical for a Danish bank, Nykredit. Wickedly talented Lilia Stepanova dazzles the crowd, but the black woman on the panel appears to be angry and jealous for some reason she never gives.

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